Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Colsubsidio Book Exchange's "Come With A Story"

My first actual post since returning to the blogging world had to be something great.. and I've found it.

Lowe/SSP3 Colombia recently came out with these lovely ads for the Colsubsidio Book Exchange Campaign. The visual is not only beautiful (with a great use of white space), but it's also a bit of a game for the book-reader within us all.

The idea? Come with a story and leave with another.

The execution? Mix 3 well known book characters with 3 others in paper cut-outs.

See if you can figure out the 2 books that are referenced in each ad. Answers are below the images in white - highlight to see.

 Harry Potter & Troy.

 Little Red Riding Hood & Moby Dick.

Snow White & Sherlock Holmes.

Images via Ads of the World.