Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quizno's Online Ads

In my second semester of 3rd year (I just finished 4th) I took a course called Advertising and Sales Promotion Management. Our professor (who was great by the way) asked us to save any bizarre or controversial ads that we found for the last day of class when we would share them all with each other.

Well I was just cleaning out my Photobucket account and came across these big box ads for Quiznos that I shared that day (March 2009). I'm not sure who created these ads, but I believe it may have been Nitro as AdFreak posted that Nitro created that controversial TV spot with "Scott" (here), but if anyone knows the truth, please be sure to let me know! Anyway, I came across them on Vice Magazine's website, which is known to have some seriously controversial stuff (and my god, it's great).

These ads, seen below, compare Quizno's footlong subs to, how should I say this - a man's junk. They're most definitely hilarious... but I'm not quite sure they make me crave a sub! Then again, I'm not the target audience... obviously.

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