Friday, September 10, 2010

Anaesthesia Lingerie Print Campaign

Sometimes I look at an ad and all I can see is clutter... a large colorful image with too much text that just makes you want to look away.

Well these ads by Nikotin for Anaesthesia Lingerie [sic] are the exact opposite of that.

At first glance, the ads started off strongly for me. The gorgeous simplicity of a simple black image in between quotation marks on a white background definitely caught my attention. But they quickly lose their appeal. The only other thing on these ads is the company's logo. Well what are they supposed to mean? What on earth do a lightning bolt, water drops, and exclamation marks have to do with wearing pretty undies? This campaign is a perfect example of when more is better. Perhaps a simple paragraph of body copy could have helped Anaesthesia make their point.

What do you think?

(Photos via Ads of the World)

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