Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cadbury "Eyebrows"

Alright, let's start with the adsurd (ha.ha.). This ad may not be new, but Fallon London's January 2009 Cadbury "Eyebrows" commercial still has people talking. That's why I figured this ad would be perfect for a first post. This "Glass and a Half Full" Production (featured below) is still receiving ample air time. Hell - even Lily Allen did a parody of it. Sure this ad catches the attention of the viewer, and maybe even has them bobbing their head along with the tune (a digitalized version of "Don't Stop the Rock"), but does this ad really shout out, "HEY YOU, BUY CADBURY CHOCOLATE?" While the young girl's purple dress may be reminiscent of a Cadbury wrapper, I don't seem to see an established link between the dancing eyebrows and a chocolate bar.

For some reason however, I still seem to like it. Who knew.

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