Thursday, November 19, 2009

PACT's "Office of Eden"

I came across this ad while Youtube surfing, and it definitely caught my eye!

PACT Organic Underwear worked with San Francisco director-duo Ian Kibbey & Corey Creasy (known as Terri Timely) to create this awesome commercial, released November 5th.

Featured is a boring, no - I'm going to go with mundane - office. The employees, clearly disinterested in life, are shown in slow motion. As the slow music starts to pick up, a male employee's clothes are ripped right from his body (by who knows what). The same happens to a female and the two, in their matching red underwear and reminiscent of Adam and Eve, run out into a forest. The tagline "Change starts with your underwear" appears.

Definitely worth a watch:

Sidenote: PACT Underwear was started by Ian Kibbey's brother (pretty cool family) and Jeff Denby and is a socially responsible organic underwear company in which 10% of every sale goes to either protecting endangered forests, mentoring young writers, or ocean conservation (the cause you're supporting depends on the color you choose). It's a pretty cool company, and you can check it out here

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