Thursday, November 5, 2009

Guinness "World"

To start this off: wow.

Guinness' new commercial "World" by agency AMV BBDO which aired for the first time yesterday (November 4, 2009) is quite the production. Though I may only be 21- for as long as I can remember, Guinness' tagline has been "Good things come to those who wait." They have decided finally, however, to scrap this and replace it with "Bring it to life." This new commercial features a group of men bringing a new world to life by providing fish for the ocean, grass for the ground, and so on.

As Guinness explains in their "Behind the Scenes" video, this commercial was filmed in New Zealand, Canada, AND Fiji. They required a rocket scientist for part of the filming and their production crew included the set designer of The Lord of the Rings. They took 3 days to film the underwater scene, and it took 45 women and 6 days to hand-stitch the grass for the grass sequence. There were 3 months of preparation before they could even begin filming in Canada.

While Guinness has yet to release production costs, one can be lead to believe they're quite high! Yet the connection of this world with Guinness beer is a little vague. Either way, it's an amazing commercial and a must-see.

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