Friday, November 6, 2009

Moms Against Climate Change "Demonstration"

Now zig agency may be small, but they live up to their motto - "ideas in their most powerful form" (I'm thinking specifically of their print ad campaign for New York Fries "real fries in a fake world" here or the prostitutes they paid to walk around Toronto with signs stating "Should prostitution be legal?" for CFRP in January 2009 here), and their new commercial has proven to be controversial too.

Moms Against Climate Change are begging Canadians to take action and to remind PM Stephen Harper what he needs to do in the UN Global Summit on Climate Change in Copenhagen December 2009. zig decided to do this by staging a protest. Rather than your typical angry protesters charging the police line however, this PSA shows children and ends with, "My future is at stake." Rick Smith of Environmental Defense Canada stated, "If we are going to get the action we need from our government in Ottawa, we need Canadians to start feeling global warming as an emotional, personal issue, and not just an intellectual one," yet viewers don't seem to be huge fans of this approach. Youtube commenters (who we all know are the royalty of intellectuals, ha.ha.) are calling it a "pathetic use of propaganda," "a joke," and "the stupidest video on YouBoob."

I can't say I agree... I think zig has made yet another powerful statement. Thoughts anyone?


  1. i don't dislike it, but there's something about this ad that's off. it feels like its missing something but i can't put my finger on it.

  2. do you know who did the song?

  3. Yup! The song is "Celebration Guns" by Stars :)