Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ritual Magazine's "Dark Kids"

I tend to always blog about videos, let's get a few print ads into the mix.

Ritual Magazine is "the first Italian magazine of dark, gothic, electro, industrial music and culture." And, boy, their ads sure fit the description. These four prints by Ogilvy Italy feature "dark kids," and they're creepy in a Tim Burton kind of way (as in still lovable). I'm absolutely crazy about them.

One features a little boy (a mini Dracula) who "waketh up at midnight" (this one is by far my favorite, the kid is PERFECT for it). The second is the adorable Morgana who "had no friends" so she plays with rats. Finally the third (and perhaps the creepiest) is Melissa holding hands with ghost Mircalla as the two "never had the chance of being sisters."

(Click for full size)

Pictures via Ads Of the World

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