Saturday, April 24, 2010

U by Kotex's "Apology"

Ladies - you know when you're watching TV and a commercial comes on for tampons and the women are in cute little dresses spinning in circles, dancing, or wearing all white... or that slogan "Have a Happy Period" is stated... and all the while you're thinking, "Yeah right." How about the blue liquid - what's that about?

Well this ad by JWT is a reality check. A woman (sarcastically) talks about her period and how she just loves to do all of those ridiculous things while having it. This ad is very funny, and I'd like to give a special little shout out to my dad, who saw it last night on TV, rewound our TiVo, and made me watch it.

And gentlemen - don't worry, you'll find it funny too. As one user wrote on Youtube, "I'm a guy, and I totally approve these commercials" (he also had 41 thumbs up).

Check it out:

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