Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Best Buy's "Buy a laptop, get a geek"

Usually when an ad for a tech-store like Futureshop or Best Buy comes on, my brain turns off. They're boring, annoying, over-exaggerated, and often a combination of all three. This ad for Best Buy, however, came on yesterday while my dad, boyfriend, and I were eating breakfast, and all three of us actually laughed out loud.

This spot features a soon-to-be university student laptop shopping with his mother. When they pick one, the Best Buy salesman explains that with the purchase of a laptop at Best Buy, you get a geek (of their infamous "Geek Squad" - the group of people that helps you install, repair, or learn about your technology). They walk down a wall of boxed geeks (one who looks just like Ellie's husband Devon in Chuck) to pick the one that will best help the student. The mother picks a male geek who can help "video chat with mom," but the boy has a different idea....

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