Thursday, March 11, 2010

Durex's Type Ads

So I'm not quite sure what the deal is with these ads. Every source I've found simply says "by Andrej Krahne" without mention of an agency. With a little further research I discovered that Krahne is a German illustrator and designer, so are these simply Krahne playing around or are they really for Durex? Either way, I can't particularly say that I like them. This campaign consists of 3 print ads made entirely of typefaces. All 3 feature a man and a woman in different sexual positions created out of words, with the Durex logo where the man's junk is.

In the first, the woman is seated on a table (created out of the word "wood") and the man is standing. He is created mostly out of "overload" while she is created out of words like "heaven," "peace," and "paradise."

In the second, the man is in the crabwalk position with the woman on top. He's mostly "muscle tension" while she is "quaking," "horny," "orgasm wave," "vibrations," and for some reason "confused."

In the final one, the woman is giving the man oral pleasure. While he's mostly "Fatal error," she's "tasty," "contented," "fruits," "satisfied," "happy," etc.

I'm sorry, but I'm confused. I thought men enjoyed sex as well? Durex may have the whole controversial-we're-gonna-get-talked-about thing going on if these ads are real, but I still don't like the campaign.

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