Sunday, March 7, 2010

McDonald's "Small Prices, Kid"

Agency The Cousins of Geneva, Switzerland made this ad for McDonald's that first aired in Switzerland in January. It's different than North American McDonald's ads for sure.

This spot features little cartoon characters with the typically annoying cartoon sound effects. A little boy walks over to what can be assumed is his father (the walking sound is the worst. It may have made me cringe a little). They smile at each other, blink a couple times, and the father hands the son a 20 dollar bill. The boy looks at it, waves his hand no, and walks back off (again with a cringe). There's a close up of the father who gets a bit of an eye twitch, which is actually kind of cute, and the line "Our prices make you more independent" bounces onto the screen.

Cute. But come on, even if a kid could afford a cheeseburger on his own, is he really going to turn down $20? I think not.

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