Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yellow Pages "Randy"

This ad is so bizarre that it's brilliant. Yeah, it's one of those ones. Taxi 2 came out with this 30 second spot for Yellow Pages Canada last week and it showed during the How I Met Your Mother rerun last night. The reaction in my living room? A couple confused exchanges, ultimately ending in laughter.

This spot features Randy, who's "99% muscle, 1% tiny swimsuit." So what's Randy's deal? He loves to be oiled up... all the time... to the extent that he uses Yellow Pages on his iPhone to find local gourmet food stores (where he uses some gourmet olive oil), gas stations (for "Tram" oil), and salad bars (for salad dressing, and apparently to get stared at by a blonde ignoring her husband. His reaction? A peck-flex).

Randy is an odd duck.

(Edit note: I previously stated that this was Cossette's work, but it is in fact Taxi 2's. Sorry for the mix up! The executive creative director, Lance Martin, informed me that there are 2 more coming - so keep your eyes peeled!)


  1. This is one of the best commercials I have seen for a long time. It sure is rare to enjoy a commercial when it comes on and this one certainly qualifies. Good work.

  2. personally i think randy is disgusting. 99% muscle?? are you kidding me? do they not know how men are supposed to look (eg. matthew mcconaughy or ANY other tv personality) he doesnt even have a six pack. he should be looking up gyms, not sources for oil.

  3. I'm wondering how come the commercials guys didn't ask RANDY to wear yellow swimsuit :)