Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Castle Lite's Celeb Endorsements

Usually when we see celebrity endorsements, they come in the form of some famous athlete sucking back a sports drink, a slutty popstar shaking her "thang" for Coke (or Pepsi), a B lister talking about an exercise machine, etc. But celebrity endorsements come in all shapes and sizes. And Castle Lite Beer has decided to use 80s has-beens to promote their brand in these commercials by Ogilvy Capetown.

The first spot features the classiest of the classy - yes that's right.. Vanilla Ice. As a few men at a party receive their Castle Lites, they go in for a first sip and suddenly some diegetic music pipes in. Vanilla Ice begins rapping to "Ice Ice Baby" and everyone at the party becomes a backup dancer. When the men stop swigging, the music stops too. Oh but don't worry, when they go in for the next sip, Vanilla Ice returns.

The second spot stars one of the same guys from the first one. He walks up to the bar in another swanky environment and orders a Castle Lite. The bartender pulls the beer out of the fridge, but oh no! The bottle is much too cold. MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This" begins playing as the bartender throws around the bottle, finally throwing it up high in the air only to land in the hands of MC Hammer himself.

So I know I've been sarcastic.. but it's all in good fun. I like these ads - they made me smile.

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