Friday, June 11, 2010

Science World's "We can explain"

Rethink is a Canadian agency (Vancouver based) that has done some really cool work. These billboards for Science World are 2 examples of said coolness.

The first is about diamonds. Almost the entire billboard is covered by 9,000 fake diamonds, with the blank space creating the words “Diamonds aren’t all that rare.” The second is about gold. The whole billboard is gold, with part of it raised spelling out “2oz. of gold can cover a billboard.” In the corner of both billboards is a little circle stating, “Science World. We can explain.”

What can they explain? Diamonds really aren’t rare compared to many other gems. And gold can be hammered so thin that 2 ounces is enough to cover a whole billboard. And I’m sure a lot more.

I love the originality of this campaign. Go Rethink, go.

(Photos via Adsoftheworld)

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