Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vextini's "What Happened?"

So I found some advertising of the future and couldn't help but post about it of course.

While flipping through LCBO's Food and Wine magazine, I happened across this ad for Vextini:

The headline: "Mix less. Miss less." The 2d barcode explanation: "Visit vextini.ca/WhatHappened and hold this up to your webcam to experience what you'd be missing."  

Naturally I just had to try it out. So I visited vextini.ca/WhatHappened and (after proving that I'm legal drinking age of course), came across this screen:

I connected my camera, held up my magazine, and voila! A video started, explaining that "missing" context in the bizarre print ad. There are actually 3 scenarios, so you have the option of searching for all 3 ads OR downloading and printing the codes from the site OR for those of you without a camera, who are just lazy (like me), or who wish to save paper, going ahead and just watching the videos.

The videos themselves could use a little work, but the interactive component sure makes this an interesting campaign. It's worth checking out the site for sure.

(PS My video had a hot guy busting through a wall. Oh yeah.)

Edit: Just heard from Vextini, and they used Bos Advertising Agency and Lollipop Productions for this campaign. Thanks Vextini!

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